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A Focus on Holistic Wellness

As a Certified Reflexologist providing hand and foot reflexology, I am a firm believer in bringing about the cohesion of the mind, body, and spirit.  I utilize a combination of gentle touch and deep pressure techniques to promote relaxation and improve circulation for a holistic approach to healing. 

The Benefits of Reflexology include:

    • reduced pain
    • improved sleep
    • lowered stress
    • more energy

Studies have shown that reflexology can be used as an alternative therapy or a therapy in conjunction with traditional methods of treating:

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is not just a hand or foot massage, but a method to promote relaxation and circulation while improving pain. It operates by stimulating reflexes (or pressure points) along the feet and hands in order to ease stress through a method very similar to acupuncture.

Reflexology massage provides a release of tension at these points. This allows energy to flow, reduces stress, muscle aches, and fatigue, and brings relief to the corresponding parts of the body.

To read more about the tenets of reflexology, click here.




“Robin is the best!”

“Robin does a wonderful job of making me feel comfortable and at home as she works on my feet. I have had foot and ankle pain for years because of my fallen arches, but I always feel better after she’s worked with me.  Robin is the best!”  

Jessie S.

“I wish she lived with me”

Robin’s treatment room is serene and spa-like – she has aromatherapy, a lovely foot soak before your treatment, a heated neck wrap and a very comfortable treatment table with nice linens. I really appreciate all of those nice spa-like touches. Robin is intuitive with her reflexology – she has a gentle touch, the pressure is perfect and she is always happy to adjust. Robin has come to my home to give me sleep reflexology sessions and when she does I get a wonderful night of sleep. I wish she lived with me. In addition to the fabulous treatments, Robin also shares helpful information for foot health including recommendations for shoes, changing your gait for your walking and running, products and exercises that help with overall foot health. She is not trying to sell anything – Robin genuinely cares about foot health and she is passionate about reflexology. Robin went through and continues with extensive training because she was a reflexology client herself and values the many benefits of this practice. I always look forward to my reflexology treatments and I highly recommend Robin!

Michele S.


Now serving Puyallup, Tacoma, Sumner and the South Puget Sound.